Mini Basic Lock v2

  • Mini Basic Lock v2
  • Mini Basic Lock v2
  • Mini Basic Lock v2

Mini Basic Lock v2 $6.95

The Mini Basic Lock v2 is one of our uniquely designed travel accessories. The Mini Basic Lock v2 helps you protect your luggage, bicycle, and so much more. Please check out the photos to learn more!

Instructions On How to Change the Password

  1. The password is initially set to 000.
  2. Turn lock ring to the other side (180degree) then push it down until you hear click sound.
  3. While the ring is pushed down, change to your desired password.
  4. Lastly, pull the ring back to complete the change.
  5. You are all set! please make sure to double check that your password has been changed correctly.

Each purchase will ship with a random color lock.

Extra Details
Dimensions 2.4 * 0.9 * 0.5 in.
Weight 0.99 oz
Material Zinc Alloy
Ships Worldwide From Seattle, WA, USA
Availability Updates
Mini Basic Lock v2 is currently backordered! Want to know when it comes back in stock? Please subscribe to product availability updates.
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