Mini Square Lock

  • Mini Square Lock
  • Mini Square Lock
  • Mini Square Lock

Mini Square Lock $6.95

The Mini Square Lock is a very uniquely designed lock for you to secure your belongings with. The Mini Square Lock is designed just like a square and behaves just like any lock. Simply attach this lock to secure what you need and open it with your chosen combination! Please check out the photos to learn more!

Please note that the password is initially set to 000. To change the password push the bottom of the lock using a pen and turn the wheel to change password. Please don’t forget to double check if your lock is working with the new password!

Each purchase will ship with a random color.

Extra Details
Dimensions 1.3 * 1.4 * 0.5 in.
Weight 1.02 oz
Material Zinc Alloy
Ships Worldwide From Seattle, WA, USA
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