Smile Bathroom Set

  • Smile Bathroom Set
  • Smile Bathroom Set
  • Smile Bathroom Set
  • Smile Bathroom Set
  • Smile Bathroom Set
  • Smile Bathroom Set
  • Smile Bathroom Set

Smile Bathroom Set $23.95

The Smile Bathroom Set includes the Smile Soap Dish, Smile Cup, and the Simple Toothbrush Holder all in one set!

Smile Soap Dish

The Smile Soap Dish allows you to decorate your bathroom while keeping your soap within reach in a well made container. The Smile Soap Dish is designed to automatically drain the water from the dish so that your soap will not get soft and mushy. You can also separate the lid from the dish so that you can conveniently clean the Smile Soap Dish as well!

Smile Cup

The Smile Cup is a very cute and well made bathroom accessory. You can wake up every morning knowing that there will always be a smile emitting from the Smile Cup. The Smile Cup features a handle that you can utilize to have the cup dried naturally to help you keep your Smile Cup clean.

Simple Toothbrush Holder

The Simple Toothbrush Holder is a very well made and beautiful bathroom accessory. You can easily fit in your toothpaste in the inner container and you can put your toothbrush in the outer container. There are also small holes located on the bottom of both containers that helps you drain excess water from the container. The inner holder can also be separated from the outer container for cleaning.

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Extra Details
Dimensions 9.8 * 5.9 * 3.9 in.
Weight 9.52 oz
Material PP
Ships Worldwide From Seattle, WA, USA
Availability Updates
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