Sushi Cushion

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  • Sushi Cushion
  • Sushi Cushion

Sushi Cushion $11.95

These cute Sushi Cushions is a must have for anyone. You can use these cushions as a shoulder rest, take a nap on it or let kids play around with them. Not only that, they are just really cute to have around in your home!

These Sushi Cushions are especially helpful if you are having pain in your elbows while you are using the computer. The microfibers in these cushions are very soft and puffy. Protect your elbows now!

We currently offer three Sushi Cushion styles: Tuna, Egg, and Shrimp. Please take a look at the photos to see what each of them looks like!

Extra Details
Dimensions 5.1 * 5.9 * 3.9 in.
Weight 3.42 oz
Material Microfiber
Ships Worldwide From Seattle, WA, USA
Availability Updates
Egg, Shrimp, and Tuna styles are discontinued. It is very unlikely that discontinued products will be coming back in stock. You can still subscribe to our notifications though and if it ever does come back in stock we'll notify you! Please subscribe to product availability updates here.
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