Acorn & Leaf Earring Set

  • Acorn & Leaf Earring Set
  • Acorn & Leaf Earring Set
  • Acorn & Leaf Earring Set
  • Acorn & Leaf Earring Set

Acorn & Leaf Earring Set $24.95 $21.21

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The Acorn & Leaf Earring Set is a very beautiful set of earrings! The design of this set of earrings is quite unique as it points towards imbalance. The Acorn is crafted in brass with the top part studded with very beautiful and colorful cubic zirconia. The bottom part is a very unique glass cut giving the Acorn earring a very beautiful and unique look and feel. The Leaf is also crafted in brass decorated with a very unique, beautiful, and colorful design to match the set. Please check out the photos to learn more!

The needle of both earrings is made up of titanium to minimize any type of allergies as much as possible as well as for people who have sensitive skin.

Each purchase includes 1x Acorn and 1x Leaf in a set.

Extra Details
Dimensions 0.5 * 0.4 in.
Weight 0.07 oz
Material Brass, Cubic Zirconia, Glass, Titanium
Ships Worldwide From Seattle, WA, USA
Availability Updates
Purple style is discontinued. It is very unlikely that discontinued products will be coming back in stock. You can still subscribe to our notifications though and if it ever does come back in stock we'll notify you! Please subscribe to product availability updates here.
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