Store Credit (mochicredits) Policy

mochicredits is a form of store credit that we use here at! We give back 1% of your order subtotal for every order you placed. This is our way of saying THANK YOU for your support! We truly value and appreciate every order we receive.

This giving back is also known as our mochicredits bonus program. The giving back percentage may also be adjusted on special sale events and other promotions. For example, during our current Thanksgiving Sale event we are giving an additional 1% back to all customers! In total, all customers will receive 2% mochicredits applied back to their accounts during this sale event!

How do I receive mochicredits?

mochicredits are applied after we have fully shipped your order. We will also send you an e-mail as soon as the credits have been applied.

How are mochicredits calculated?

By default, the mochicredits give back percentage is 1% of your order subtotal (not including shipping.) The percentage may be adjusted during promotions announced on our Facebook or newsletter so don’t forget to Like us and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news!

How do I apply my mochicredits on a new order?

You can apply your mochicredits in the shopping cart. The “use mochicredits” link will appear when you have mochicredits in your account. Once you click on the link you will be able to apply the mochicredits to your order and the price adjustments will be reflected in the cart.

How do refunds work when I used mochicredits for an order?

Refunds will first refund the exact amount of mochicredits you used back to your account. If there is still a remaining balance we will refund the remaining balance back to your payment method. Or, if you would like and you request it, we can refund the entire balance in mochicredits back onto your account.

How about exchanges?

Exchanges will work exactly the same as our regular exchange process. If there are any balances remaining we will ask if you would like to pay or be refunded with mochicredits or through an accepted form of payment.

Do mochicredits expire?

Nope! Never!

How are mochicredits valued?

$1 mochicredits == $1 USD. We did this to make it simpler for you to account for your mochicredits.

I used multiple e-mails to place orders. Can I get those accounts combined?

YES! Please email us with the accounts you would like to combined. We’ll then validate and determine if these are your accounts. Once verified we will merge your accounts with your mochicredits all combined into your designated main account.

Questions, comments, concerns

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do feel free to reach out to us!