3 Color Pen

  • 3 Color Pen
  • 3 Color Pen
  • 3 Color Pen
  • 3 Color Pen
  • 3 Color Pen
  • 3 Color Pen

3 Color Pen $4.95 $3.47

Limited time: 3 Color Pen is currently up to 30% off on selected styles!

The 3 Color Pen is a very functional and beautiful 0.5mm pen. There are three different styles you can choose from. Each pen comes with 3 different pen colors, red, blue and black. If you don’t like carrying a lot of pens with you, this pen is the perfect solution for you! Write in three colors with just one pen! The 3 Color Pen has a great grip that can help you write comfortably for a long time. It also has an anti-slip rubber grip for comfortable and smooth writing. This pen is great for taking notes in class, you can write down important concepts in different colors without reaching for another pen! Just take your notebook and this pen, and you are all set to go! Please check out the photos to learn more!

Extra Details
Dimensions 0.4 * 5.7 in.
Weight 0.42 oz
Material Plastic
Ships Worldwide From Seattle, WA, USA
Availability Updates
Apricot and Turquoise Blue styles are currently backordered! Want to know when it comes back in stock? Please subscribe to product availability updates.

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