Pen ver.3

  • Pen ver.3
  • Pen ver.3
  • Pen ver.3
  • Pen ver.3
  • Pen ver.3

Pen ver.3 $4.95

The Pen ver.3 is a very uniquely designed pen featuring multiple characters: Bon Appetit, Bow, Polar, and Forest. Please take a look at the photos to get a better view of the pen. This product is made in Turkey.

Please note that we currently only have Polar and Forest in stock.

Extra Details
Dimensions 0.0 * 5.3 in.
Weight 0.18 oz
Ships Worldwide From Seattle, WA, USA
Availability Updates
Forest and Polar styles are discontinued. It is very unlikely that discontinued products will be coming back in stock. You can still subscribe to our notifications though and if it ever does come back in stock we'll notify you! Please subscribe to product availability updates here.
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