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Note Pouch $35.95

The Note Pouch holds about 20 pens on the band and the zipper can hold little items like keys, earphones, and more. The mesh pocket can hold items like sticky notes, your cellphone and more. On the right side you can hold A5 size notes. There are also two side pockets below. You can put in receipts, a ruler, or little notes that you may have. We inserted extra material in between the fabric to protect pens and pencils.

It is also worth mentioning that this Note Pouch does not fit the iPad. However, if you have a Galaxy Tab, you can easily fir it in the notes section.

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Please note that the Note Pouch has now been discontinued and will no longer be in stock. We are now selling Note Pouch v3 instead.

Extra Details
Dimensions 8.9 * 7.1 * 0.7 in.
Weight 4.09 oz
Material Canvas, Metal
Ships Worldwide From Seattle, WA, USA
Availability Updates
Coral Orange style is discontinued. It is very unlikely that discontinued products will be coming back in stock. You can still subscribe to our notifications though and if it ever does come back in stock we'll notify you! Please subscribe to product availability updates here.
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