Effortless Festival Gear

by Joyce Im

Regardless of which part of the world you visit, you can always find fun festivals that demonstrate and celebrate culture. Festivals are an exhilarating way to experience culture and get swept up in passion and excitement! As an avid travel-enthusiast, I love hitting up festivals; there’s so much to eat, see, hear, and do! Participating in a festival can be one of the most memorable experiences when traveling and can even be a great reason to travel! However, it’s really easy to become worn out during a festival if you don’t go prepared. These lucky 7 items will have your back so your only agenda is to have a blast! (And stay safe.) So take notes!

1. Mini Crocodile Pattern Leather Backpack v1

Mini Crocodile Pattern Leather Backpack v1

One of your smartest choices when traveling anywhere is carrying a light bag that can hold all of your necessities. This (faux) crocodile leather backpack is compact, but can fit a ton, thanks to its wide opening and many pockets. Organization doesn’t have to take a hit just because you’re busy having fun! There are plenty of inner and outer pockets to organize your smaller items like lip balm or gum, and you can carry water or your phone in the open side pockets! The coating is water-resistant and easy to clean too!

2. Romantic Knot Leather Watch

Romantic Knot Leather Watch

I know a lot of people don’t wear watches, especially now that you can just check your phone for the time, but - wear a watch. You’ll want to keep track of the time so you can make it to your desired events and it’s just less hassle to look at your wrist for the time. This Romantic Knot Leather Watch goes perfectly with my travel fashion style with its intricate braids and gold face. There are several colors to choose from and each one goes with practically any outfit!

3. Rose Handy Fan

Rose Handy Fan

Since most festivals are held in the spring or summer, a hand fan can be a real lifesaver amidst the obvious lack of outdoor air-conditioning. This pretty Rose Handy Fan is lovely and fun, and its light weight and small size makes it a breeze to carry around. My friends often borrow it with the promise that they’ll fan me as well! When the sun becomes too intense, I whip it out to shade my face. Heat strokes are a real thing, so keep yourself cool and hydrated at all times!

4. Sunglasses Necklace v2

Sunglasses Necklace v2

Sunglasses are a must when I’m outside for more than half the day at a festival! But...I’m still not going to wear them all day long, especially when I’m ducking in and out of various tents or stopping for food. The Sunglasses Necklace is fantastic for holding my sunglasses when they’re not in use. They don’t slide off like when I slip them on my shirt or my head. My sunglasses hang perfectly safe on the leather pendant and when my shades are back on my face, it just makes a cute statement necklace!

5. Pattern Ladies Travel Pouch Set

Pattern Ladies Travel Pouch Set

A recent discovery of mine is the Pattern Ladies Travel Pouch, which has swiftly upgraded my packing game to the pro level. Before its guidance, I had three main issues with packing - I was slow, late, and messy. I couldn’t wrap my mind around what to pack so I’d procrastinate and then just throw things into my suitcase like there’s a fire. Not anymore! Now my outfits (folded nicely) are packed into the Large and Small luggage bags, underwear is ready in the underwear pouch, and toiletries are organized into the multi pouch! It’s a miracle, folks!

6. Zip Up Smartphone Wallet v2

Zip Up Smartphone Wallet v2

When you’re bumbling around a new place, it’s so easy to lose track of things, especially when you’re enjoying yourself! But that only raises the risk of losing your belongings or getting pickpocketed. Keep everything together like your cards, money, tickets, receipts, and phone in one carry-all like the Zip Up Smartphone Wallet. My phone sits safely in the inner pocket while any tickets or passes go into the outer pocket for easy access. The zipper helps me feel extra safe and careful because I know nothing will slip out!

7. Wind Blows Charger Pouch

Wind Blows Charger Pouch

Although I definitely try to keep my focus off of technology or social media when I’m out and about, I do need to keep my camera and phone charged so I can document my experiences and reach the people or places I need to see! It sucks the joy out of everything when I’m photographing a special candid moment and my battery dies. (You feel me, right?) That’s why this Wind Blows Charger Pouch does not leave my side. It holds all of my extra batteries and chargers and is ultra compact and adorable!

What do you think? These tips may seem too easy and too good to be true - but trust me, it’s the details that make or break your trip and friend, in our case, they are totally going to MAKE IT. ^_^ I hope you have an amazing and unforgettable time at the next festival you try! Let me know in the comments what helped you to make the most of your experience at festivals, music or otherwise!