How To Pull Off The Perfect Spring Picnic

by Joyce Im

In Seattle, we get a lot of rain. And I mean a LOT of rain. When they say April showers bring May showers, they were talking about us. So you can’t blame me for always fantasizing about the perfect spring picnic, with clear skies and a light breeze! Now that spring is finally here and we have all of these beautiful cherry blossoms abloom everywhere, I’ve started to daydream about my fantasy picnic again. I might not have the best cooking skills, but I definitely do have the very items that will help make my perfect picnic a reality! Now if only I could count on Seattle’s weather as much as I count on these!

An Upgraded Picnic Basket

Foldable Cooler Set

I know there’s a certain look about traditional picnic baskets, but in reality, it’s not very practical since it won’t keep your food at the right temperature, especially in the warm sun. That’s why my Foldable Cooler Set Foldable Cooler Set is a must to carry temperature-sensitive foods like soups or fruits. My favorite foods to have outside and on the go are fruits, salads, pasta, and sandwiches. This cooler set will keep them fresh and delicious and also store leftovers when I can’t finish my food before moving on to the next activity! Also, look how adorable it is! It puts me in the right mood and matches the spring theme!

Cool as a Cucumber...Lemonade

Fleau Blanche Bottle Pouch

Confession: I’m trying to cut down on my soda intake at the moment (I’ve been drinking them way too much), which is why I’m glad I have this classy bottle pouch to keep my homemade drinks nice and cold! Fruity lemonade or iced tea are wonderful drinks to have on a warm, sunny day. I can just pour them into a bottle or canister and this water-resistant Fleur Blanche Bottle Pouch will keep them cool and dry. It even comes with a strap so I can carry it around and prevent getting dehydrated.

What a Day for a Banana Tray

Long Banana Leaf Tray Set

Going along with our nature-y and scenic day, I have these amazing Long Banana Leaf Trays Since we don’t have our normal dining set up outside, these portable trays are perfect for displaying and setting out the picnic food so everyone can share and enjoy. All you have to do is slip the grooves into the right spot and voilà! You have an instant tray that isn’t bulky or annoying to transport, and not to mention - ridiculously easy to clean.

No More Using My Jacket as a Seat

Promenade Sitting Mat

Another fact about living in Seattle is that the grass is (almost) always green...but it’s also usually wet, meaning sitting on it is a pain in the derrière. I’ve long since gotten used to laying my jacket on the ground to sit on, but it is definitely time to upgrade! This Promenade Sitting Mat is convenient to carry and can be an extra seat around the picnic blanket! It’s comfortable to sit on, easy to transport, and protects my outfit from getting dirty or wet. It’s also excellent to take to other outdoor events such as sporting events, concerts, or festivals. I’m there!

Sprout Wings & Eat Away

Baby Sprout Food Picks Set

Sandwiches are a picnic staple! Keep them cute, neat, and together with these adorable Baby Sprout Food Picks! Someone seriously has to stop me from sticking these in everything because I am obsessed. They’re also super practical because you can use them to eat fruit and dessert! And after an ultra satisfying meal, kick back and use them to prevent having an embarrassing smile later on.

Snap Snap Snap Away

Fuji Instax Mini Film Set (20 Films)

Being in charge of capturing my family’s memories growing up has really taken my photo-passion to the next level. I have multiple cameras and Instagram religiously, but whenever I go to any event or gathering, my Instax camera is absolutely glued to my hands. There’s something about an instant photo that creates anticipation and holds a nostalgic mood. I adore snapping special moments with my Instax, but I hate when I run out of films! I’m definitely taking a pack of these Fuji Instax Mini Films so nothing can stop me now!


Dailylike Facial Oil Absorbing Sheet

Another important item that I always carry around is a pack of oil-blotting sheets. As a human being, it’s inevitable that your face will become a bit shiny over the course of the day, especially when you’re outside. These Dailylike Facial Oil Absorbing Sheets are a convenient way to control shine without ruining your makeup or having to reapply it. This pack is tiny, so it’s super easy to toss into your bag and go. Don’t forget to blot before taking photos!

Mirror Mirror on My Phone

Attachable Bunny Mirror

Nowadays our smartphones all have a front-facing camera that we can use to check our teeth or makeup discretely, but the problem is that it’s really hard to see the screen when the sun is out! That won’t do when we’re outdoors for a picnic, but I am supremely unconcerned because I have the Attachable Bunny Mirror! This adorable mirror is designed to attach to the back of your phone so you’ll always have it on the go and you can check yourself before taking pictures! It also works as a viewfinder when taking “selfies!”

Cha-ching Change Wallet

La Chance Passe Coin Wallet

When I’m out and about, I prefer to be minimal about the belongings that I bring with me. It’s just less hassle and a lighter load, both physically and mentally (haha). That’s why I love that my La Chance Passe Coin Wallet can both carry my identification and money as well as fit onto my keys! I can have all of my essential items with me in this chic and compact wallet and I’ll be hands-free so I can participate in all kinds of fun picnic activities!

Not Your Mother’s Handkerchief

Pattern Handkerchief v3
Pattern Handkerchief v3

Honestly, the only person I know who carries a handkerchief is my mother, but that has all come to change with the Pattern Handkerchief v3! It’s so soft and pretty, I actually use it as a fashion accessory more than a napkin or tissue. So there’s no doubt that I will be wearing it as a hair accessory or around my neck or wrist when I go on my dream picnic! Then my outfit will be complete, AND I’ll be totally prepared for any mishaps that may happen when outdoors.

Ella Ella My Umbrella

Pattern Life Studio Umbrella
Pattern Life Studio Umbrella

Now here’s the sad reality, because it’s Seattle, there IS the chance of rain, let’s be real. That’s why I think it’s smart to carry an umbrella out, especially when you’ve been planning this picnic for weeks! The great part is that the Pattern Life Studio Umbrella also comes with a cute cover that can be also be used as a tote bag! So adorable - and if it gets too hot, you can still shield your skin from the sun with this light umbrella.

Totes My Tote Bag

Romane Foldable Shoulder Bag
Romane Foldable Shoulder Bag

Speaking of tote bags, I’m probably not going to take my favorite purse outdoors on a picnic, so an easy way to keep all my belongings together is this Romane Foldable Shoulder Bag. It’s spacious enough to carry everything I need like my cameras, wallet, and keys, but it’s also useful for holding other items like utensils or sporting goods! I know I’m going to want to play badminton or fly a kite or something. I might bring the book I’ve been trying to finish as well. Bonus: it’s water-resistant and can be rolled up and stored away!

There! Totally prepared for my perfect spring picnic and now all I need is food, a hat, and sunglasses and I’m set! Of course these are just my ideas for my own picnic based on where I live and what I like to do. Any picnic veterans out there? Tell me, what are your tips for putting together a dreamy spring picnic? Share your ideas below!