Pocket Sticker Collection $24.95

Who doesn't love pockets? The Pocket Sticker Collection is a set of 9 unique pocket stickers that allow you to add a pocket anytime, anywhere, for anything. Learn more about this fabulous collection and see all its uses below!

So many pockets, so many possibilities!

‘Pocket stickers will add function and practicality to every room in your home. From labeling storage containers to holding up posters, these stickers of all shapes and sizes will make organizing life a breeze.’

‘Having practical and efficient products is all the more important when you’re a busy business person! Use pocket stickers to make sure you always have your pen, business cards, and reports on hand and ready to go.’

‘Staying organized is key to a successful school year. Organize everything from your planner, books, and school supplies to your classroom library with the help of these versatile and multifunctional stickers! ’

‘Craft your heart out with the help of pocket stickers! Use them to safely hold photos, mementos, and souvenirs in your scrapbook or album. They’re perfect for handmade gifts and decorating events, too! ’

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