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Basic Daily Diary Notebook

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Details & Features

The Basic Daily Diary Notebook is a simple and well made notebook. The Basic Daily Diary Notebook contains a total of 144 pages separated into the following categories:

  • 1 page of Title Page
  • 2 pages of Yearly Plan
  • 140 pages of Daily Diary
  • 1 page of Personal Information

The Basic Daily Diary’s Yearly Plan section is undated so you can start whenever you want! You can use the Basic Daily Diary to write diaries, book review, movie review, baby diary, recipes and so much more! You can also use it to track your expenses too! The page layout for the Daily Diary section is conveniently divided into several sections for you to organize your writing! A PVC cover is included in each Basic Daily Diary Notebook to protect it from dirt and water. A pen holder is also attached to the PVC cover for you to conveniently carry your pen everywhere you go! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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