Travel Passport & Phone Wallet

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Details & Features

The Travel Passport & Phone Wallet is a super cute and well made phone wallet. The Travel Passport & Phone Wallet contains 3 compartments, 4 regular sized card pockets, 1 extra card pocket and 1 phone compartment. You can use the 3 compartments to store your bills (bill will have to be folded), receipts, memos, notes, or passport! You can use the 4 card pockets to store your most frequently used cards such as credit cards, ID, transportation pass, and more! You can use the extra card pocket to store your business card, tickets or more credit cards! The phone compartment can hold smartphone size up to the Galaxy S3. The phone compartment is also designed where you can use the headphone jack without taking the phone out! The Travel Passport & Phone Wallet features an all in one ability to keep your items organized, together, and easy for your travel! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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