Squirrel & Acorn Earring Set

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Details & Features

The Squirrel & Acorn Earring Set is a cute and adorable earring set! The Squirrel & Acorn Earring Set comes with 1 squirrel and 1 acorn earring as a set. The Squirrel & Acorn Earring set feature a cute squirrel with it’s favorite acorn! This is a great earring set to add to your jewelry collection! Great for everyday wear. The Squirrel & Acorn Earring Set can also be a fun gift! The color of the squirrel stays the same, only the acorn style changes. Piercing is required in order to ear the earrings. Please check out the photos to learn more!

The Squirrel & Acorn Earrings size:

  • Squirrel earring: 0.43×0.55in
  • Acorn earring: 0.24×0.35in

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