Toffee Nut Planner v2

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Details & Features

The Toffee Nut Planner v2 is a cute and super adorable planner! The Toffee Nut Planner v2 contains a total of 192 pages divided into the following sections:

  • 2 pages of 2014-2017 Calendar
  • 2 pages of Yearly Plan
  • 24 pages of Monthly Plan
  • 120 pages of Weekly Plan
  • 38 pages of Blank/Grid Notes
  • 6 pages of Illustration

The Toffee Nut Planner v2 is a dateless planner so you can fill in and start anytime you want! The cover of Toffee Nut Planner v2 is made of colorful and beautiful felt with a cute face! The cover is detachable from the planner inside which allows you to reuse the cover when are you done with the planner. The Toffee Nut Planner v2 contains 1 pocket on the outside and 1 pocket on the inside of the cover for you to store your stickers, memos, notes, business cards and so much more! 1 sheet of index sticker is also included with the Toffee Nut Planner v2. A ribbon bookmark is attached for you to easily find and keep track of your place! Everything is held together and closed securely with the velcro closure. The Toffee Nut Planner v2 also comes with a gift box for you to give this planner away as an adorable present! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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