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Details & Features

The Muse Notebook is a beautiful and elegant notebook. The Muse Notebook contains a total of 160 pages divided into the following sections:

  • 64 pages of Grid Notes
  • 64 pages of Line Notes
  • 32 pages of Plain Notes

The Muse Notebook features a soft cover with a beautiful and vibrant colors. The 3 different notes sections can let you to easily switch between the type of notes you need to take. The Grid Notes section is great for drawing graphs, and tables to organize your school schedule or finances. The Line Notes section can be used to take class notes, write memos, dairies and more! The Plain Notes section perfect to use to draw, sketch, or use as a scrapbook. A pocket is conveniently attached on the back cover to store your stickers, receipts, memos, notes, business cards and so much more! A bookmark is also included for you to keep track and find your place. The binding for the Muse Notebook allows you to open it 360 degrees! You can easily lay the notebook flat on the table without it trying to close on you. An attached elastic band will hold your notebook together securely! The Muse Notebook is a beautiful notebook to use! It can also make a elegant gift! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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