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Nathalie Christmas Card

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C02_Ornament $2.95
C05_ Cookie Man $2.95
G01_Thank U $2.95
G05_Owl $2.95
G08_Squirrel $2.95

Details & Features

The Nathalie Christmas Card is a super fun and festive card! The Nathalie Christmas Card comes with 1 card and 1 envelope. This card features beautiful, cute and colorful illustrations on the cover! It also contains plenty of space on the inside with lines printed to guide your writing. The Nathalie Christmas Card is a great card to use to send your holiday greetings to your friends and families! Please check out the photos to learn more!

Style note: G stands for greeting card C stands for Christmas card

Additional Details

Style Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Materials
C02_Ornament 6.26 x 4.37 in 1 oz Paper
C05_ Cookie Man 6.26 x 4.37 in 1 oz Paper
G01_Thank U 6.26 x 4.37 in 1 oz Paper
G05_Owl 6.26 x 4.37 in 1 oz Paper
G08_Squirrel 6.26 x 4.37 in 1 oz Paper

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C04_Bambi Backordered Notify Me
C06_ Rabbit Backordered Notify Me
C07_Present Backordered Notify Me
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G04_Bird Backordered Notify Me
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