Wool Smart Gloves v2

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Details & Features

The Wool Smart Gloves v2 is very cute and useful set of gloves! The Wool Smart Gloves v2 features the ability to use your smartphone (iPhone, Galaxy, HTC, etc) or any touch-based device (iPad, tablet, Kindle, etc.) while you are wearing your gloves! With the Wool Smart Gloves v2, you can stay warm and cozy while browsing on your phone! The Wool Smart Gloves v2 is made of wool with silver nano tech conductive threads weaved on each finger which allows you to use all ten fingers on your device. The threads are not visible on the outside to maintain the cute overall look and feel! The Wool Smart Gloves v2 comes with more colors than the original version to match your winter outfits! Perfect gift for the holidays too! Please lightly hand wash the glove with warm water when it gets dirty. Please check out the photos to learn more.

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