Zoo Slim Pen Pouch


The Zoo Slim Pen Pouch is a cute and bright pen pouch! The Zoo Slim Pen Pouch if made of pearl enamel fabrics to give off the super glossy look! Inside the pen pouch, a mesh divider is attached to separate the pen pouch into 2 pockets. This will help you organize your pens or pencils from your erasers or paper clips! It is also very convenient for organizing your color pencils. Just store warm colors on one side and cool colors on the other! The Zoo Slim Pouch can also be used as a make up pouch, toiletry pouch, glasses pouch, money pouch and so much more! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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3.54 (L) x 7.48 (W) in
1.76 oz
Pearl Enamel Fabric, Zipper, Mesh
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MochiThings Seattle Facility

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Baby Pink (Cat)
Black (Desert Fox)
Blue Green (Bird)
Mint (Bear)
Orange (Squirrel)
Red (Puppy)
Violet (Zebra)
White (Deer)
Yellow (Giraffe)