Fairy Tale Mini Notebook v1


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The Fairy Tale Mini Notebook v1 is a beautiful and cute notebook! The Fairy Tale Mini Notebook contains a total of 100 blank pages. This notebook features beautiful illustrations on the cover with themes including Alice in Wonderland, The Little Prince, and The Wizard of Oz. 19 different and skilled artists participated in creating these beautiful mini notebooks. Pick your favorite or collect them all! The Fairy Tale Mini Notebook v1 can also make a cute gift too! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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Alice in Wonderland 07
The Wizard of Oz 05


Alice in Wonderland 05
Alice in Wonderland 06
The Little Prince 05
The Little Prince 06
The Little Prince 07
The Wizard of Oz 04


Alice in Wonderland 01
Alice in Wonderland 02
Alice in Wonderland 03
Alice in Wonderland 04
The Little Prince 01
The Little Prince 02
The Little Prince 03
The Little Prince 04
The Wizard of Oz 01
The Wizard of Oz 02
The Wizard of Oz 03