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Hellogeeks Pencil Cap Set

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Details & Features

The Hellogeeks Pencil Cap Set is a cute and useful cap set! The Hellogeeks Pencil Cap Set comes with 4 pencil caps, 1 cap with a character and 3 pattern caps. The Hellogeeks Pencil Cap Set will fit with any regular pencils and colored pencils. The pencil cap allows you to put a pencil cap over the tip of your pencils! This will help to prevent unnecessary damage to your pen cases as well as keeping your pen case clean from marks! It can also prevent the tip of your sharpened pencils from breaking when storing. You can use the Hellgeeks Pencil Cap Set to extend the length of a shorter pencil too! The top of the pencil cap has a small hole so that air can still go through while putting the pencil cap on. This is designed to help prevent pressure from building up and making it easier to use! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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