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Mr. Babba Blanket

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Details & Features

The Mr. Babba Blanket is a useful and cute blanket! The Mr. Babba Blanket is designed to be light and easy to carry around! It is made of warm and soft woven fabric with beautiful pattern. This is a great blanket to take with you on your camping trips or anywhere you go! Simply fold, roll and tie the blanket into a small bundle when packing. It will not take up much space in your suit case or backpack! Unfold the blanket when you are ready to use it. The Mr. Babba Blanket can also be used at home to keep you warm on the couch when you are reading or when you are wearing shorts! A great addition during the winter. Please check out the photos to learn more!

Size Unfolded: about 41.7×25.2in Folded: about 9.1×5.31in

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