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The Colorful Heart Pen Set is an adorable and cute pen set! The Colorful Heart Pen Set comes with 0.7mm black ink pens. Each set contains 8 Colorful Heart Pens, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Blue, Purple, Pink and Clear. The heart part of the pen is made of non-toxic silicone. It is soft with no gloss. The heart part will also wiggle as you write! The pen writes very smoothly and when the ink has been used up, you can use the Colorful Heart Pen Set as a decoration too! The heart part is removable and can be used as a cute decorative earphone cap for your phone or tablet. When you want to put the heart back in to the pen, simply give a little bit of pressure. The Colorful Heart Pen Set is a fun pen to add to your stationery collection! It is also a great decoration for any desk or receptionist table! Each purchase also comes with 1 sheet of sticker with letters for you to personalize and decorate your pens. You can take out the pen, personalize with stickers, put it back into the package, and give it as a gift! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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