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Pen Refill (Sprout, Heart, and Star)

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Details & Features

The Pen Refill (Sprout, Heart, and Star) includes with 2 refills per pack. The Pen Refill (Sprout, Heart , and Star) comes with black ink. The Pen Refill can be used for the following pens:

With the pen refill, you can continue to use your favorite pen! Please check out the photos to learn more!

-How to: 1. Take off the top decoration earphone cap 2. Cover the top part so the lid doesn’t bounce off and push it down on a paper or flat surface. The lid will open with a click sound. 3. Put parts 1, 2, and 3 (shown on photo) in order into the base of pen then close it with the lid until you hear the click sound. Photo instruction also included in the package. 4. Put the ear cap back on. 5. Enjoy writing your pen as it’s new!

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