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Zoo Leather Passport Wallet

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The Zoo Leather Passport Wallet is a cute and useful passport wallet! The Zoo Leather Passport Wallet contains many different pockets and slots. The left side contains 1 card pocket (A), 1 hidden card pocket (B) and 1 passport pocket©. The right side contains 1 ticket pocket (E), 3 card pockets (F), and 1 large pocket (G). There is also a pen holder (D) in the middle. You can use the card pocket on the left (A) to store your most frequently used card such as your credit card for convenience. The hidden card pocket (B) can be used to store your ID! On the right, the ticket pocket (E) and the large pocket (G) are long enough for you to store your tickets, bills, receipts, and more! A convenient pen holder is attached in the middle so you will always have a pen with you. The Zoo Leather Passport Wallet is a wonderful passport wallet to take with you on your travels! It will help you keep everything organized and in one convenient place. Please check out the photos to learn more!

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