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Large Laptop Bag

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This product is no longer available for purchase

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Details & Features

The Large Laptop Bag allows you to store your laptop, notes, drawing book, magazines, files, or your iPad and other computer accessories. The Large Laptop Bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap connected from the front pocket to the back pocket. In the front of the Laptop Bag, there is a big zipper pocket and two velcro pockets to put your items in. In the rear, there is a velcro pocket for more room to put your items in. The main button is made of leather so it is strong and sturdy. On the inside of the bag it is made of light sponge material to keep items inside the bag safe and secured. The canvas material is thick enough so that the bag retains its shape and keeps it from wrinkling.

When you purchase the Large Laptop Bag, you are basically purchasing multiple bags in one. Here are the following ways you can also use the Large Laptop Bag:

  • As a Shoulder bag
  • As a Tote bag
  • As a Second bag – instead of squeezing all your books, notes, laptops, laptop accessories, use Large Laptop Bag to distribute the weight of your back pack.

Please note that you can fit in a laptop that is up to 14in wide. you can still fit in a 15in laptop, but the space might be little tight.

We also have the Medium Laptop Bag available.

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