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Voyage Travel Planner v2

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Details & Features

The Voyage Travel Planner v2 is a beautiful and well made travel planner! The Voyage Travel Planner v2 contains a total of 128 pages divided into the following sections:

  • 8 pages of Travel Plan
  • 26 pages of Daily Plan
  • 12 pages of Travel Expenses
  • 4 pages of Address Book
  • 6 pages of Check List
  • 2 pages of Personal Information

The Voyage Travel Planner v2 will help you keep track of your records and plans while you are on the go! It also comes with 6 envelope set for you to send your friends and family letters. Within the pages, unique and beautiful illustration pages are added so you can enjoy drawings while you are using the planner. A bookmark string is attached for you to easily keep track and find your place! Everything is then kept together with the attached elastic band. The Voyage Travel Planner v2 also comes with a bonus PVC pouch! You can keep all your postcards, receipts, tickets, memos all together in the pouch with your planner! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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