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Baguette Sandwich Sticky Note Set

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Details & Features

The Baguette Sandwich Sticky Note Set is a unique and fun sticky note set! The Baguette Sandwich Sticky Note Set comes with 50 sheets of baguette bread sticky notes, 2 types of cheese sticky notes, 20 sheets each and 2 types of ham sticky notes, 20 sheets each. A total of 80 sheets of sticky notes for the 4 toppings. The baguette bread can be ripped into 7 smaller pieces along the dotted line! It can also be used as a whole. These sticky notes are designed to look like the read bread, cheese and ham! It is also printed on both side to make it look even more real. You can use the Baguette Sandwich Sticky Note set to write your notes and memos. It will be perfect for writing a grocery list! You can also use it as index or book mark too! Please check out the photos to learn more!

For Baguette Bread only, Baguette Bread Sticky Note Set is also available!

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