Kitty Scheduler Stamp


The Kitty Scheduler Stamp is a cute and fun stamp! You can use it on your diaries, planners, schedulers, letters, cards, notes and more! You can also use it to decorate your scrapbook, make a unique card, or stamp it anywhere you like. Please check out the photos to learn more!

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0.59 (L) x 0.59 (W) in
0.21 oz
Maple Wood, Rubber
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MochiThings Seattle Facility

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B46_Kitty in Sock
B48_Bored Kitty
B49_ Studying Kitty
B50_Loved Kitty
B51_ Don’t Get Sick Kitty
B52_Playing Kitty
B53_Best Kitty
B54_Shopping Kitty
B55_Fighting Kitty
B56_Don’t Get Frustrated Kitty
B57_Taking a Photo Kitty


B47_Annoyed Kitty