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Bon Voyage Waterproof Pouch v3

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Details & Features

The Bon Voyage Waterproof Pouch v3 is a very cute and well made waterproof pouch! The Bon Voyage Waterproof Pouch v3 allows you to insert basically anything into the waterproof pouch and allows you to safely and securely use your items while it’s raining or submerged under water! The Bon Voyage Waterproof Pouch v3 features a 2 layer zipper lock along with a velcro closure for added security. The Bon Voyage Waterproof Pouch v3 even allows you to use your smartphone as the pouch itself has a smart touch feature so that you can take a photo, send a text message or surf the web while your phone is still in the pouch! However, please do note that the smart touch feature will not work while submerged in water. Please resort to the phone’s side buttons to take a photo or perform other functionality. A timer is also a great alternative as well! All in all please make sure you will need to breath once in awhile if you are submerged! ;)

The Bon Voyage Waterproof Pouch v3 can fit phones up to the size of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (up to 6 inches!) This includes phones like iPhone, HTC, Galaxy S2, S3, S4 etc! You can also store other items like your snacks, cosmetics, medications, and so much more too!

A detachable strap is included in each purchase! The strap length is 18 inches long.

It is very important that you test the waterproof function every time before use to ensure the safety of your items! Here is the test method that we recommend:

  1. Place a little bit of toilet paper in the pouch, firmly close the zippers and velcro closure, and then soak the pouch in the water for 2 hours.
  2. After 2 hours has passed, please check the contents to see if the toilet paper is still dry, if it is, it’s safe to use! If not, it’s time to check if there is a leakage somewhere and retest until it’s dry and safe to use!

Please continually test your pouch and please do not let the pouch sit in a high temperature environment for a long time as it may degrade the health of the Bon Voyage Waterproof Pouch v3! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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