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Better Together A4 Leather Pouch

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Details & Features

The Better Together A4 Leather Pouch is a super cute and functional leather note pouch! The Better Together A4 Leather Pouch design is based on the nylon design of our Better Together note pouch series!

On the outside of the Better Together A4 Leather Pouch contains a full zipper closure to keep your inner contents fully secured within the pouch. A handle is also built onto the side of the pouch where you can conveniently carry your pouch around while you are on the go! Two open pockets are also built into the front where you can conveniently and temporarily slide in items when you are in a rush. This way you don’t need to open the entire pouch to store something and risk your items falling out! A large zippered pocket is also built into the rear where you can perform the same tasks but for more sensitive items that needs more security as well!

The design of the inside of the Better Together A4 Leather Pouch is built to help you stay organized! On the left of the pouch contains a zippered pocket to help you securely store small items that are prone to fall out. This includes items like your USB thumb drives, keys, erasers, and so much more. 2 pockets are also built in to hold small notebooks. A velcro pocket is also built into this side to store your pens and pencils too!

The Better Together A4 Leather Pouch can fit up to a 13” Macbook Pro in the main compartment. Please check the dimensions of the pouch and compare it to your laptop and tablets before making a purchase. The comparison chart below also has extra information! If you are unsure please absolutely do feel free to reach out to us for a confirmation.

The right side of the pouch is designed to hold larger items ranging from letter sized documents, tablets like the iPad, magazines and other similarly sized items! The entire right section contains two open document pockets, a pocket for notebooks and a mesh pocket for smaller items.

The Better Together A4 Leather Pouch has 3 unique outer colors and each has a unique interior color too. These colors are:

  • Brown (outer color) – Deep Yellow (inner color)
  • Black (outer color) – Gray (inner color)
  • Baby Pink (outer color) – Indian Pink (inner color)

Please check out the photos to learn more!

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Need help figuring out which Better Together Pouch is best for you? Here is a helpful chart to do just that: Better Together Pouch Comparison Chart! Inner dimensions of the main compartment are about 9.45in x 13in.

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