Romane Foldable Backpack

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Details & Features

The Romane Foldable Backpack is a super cute and uniquely designed backpack! The Romane Foldable Backpack is designed to be used as a backpack or as a mini pouch when folded. This dual functionality is super unique as you can use this foldable backpack in multiple ways! When unfolded the Romane Foldable Backpack can be used as a backpack with its adjustable shoulder straps. The backpack itself is also spacious enough to fit a light to medium load for your day to day needs too! When you don’t need to use the backpack functionality you can easily fold the backpack into a mini pouch! You can use this mini pouch to store small items or even use it as a lunch bag too! Please check out the photos to learn more and to see the instructions on how to fold the Romane Foldable Backpack!

The sizing of the Romane Foldable Backpack when unfolded is: 15.4×18.5in; when folded the sizing becomes 7×5.5×2.5in.

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