Small Banana Leaf Tray Set


The Small Banana Leaf Tray Set is a very delightful and cute tray to use it anywhere! This set includes 3x trays in the set! You can use the Small Banana Leaf Tray to store and hold all kinds of things like your office stationery, snacks, and so much more! This light leaf tray is quite visually realistic that many would think it’s made of real banana leaf! The material is flexible so you can change the shape of leaf any way you feel like it. When the tray gets dirty please gently wash the tray with water. To assemble the Small Banana Leaf Tray:

  1. Make sure the text side is facing outside.
  2. Inset both sides into the box groove.

Please check out the photos to learn more!

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3.15 (L) x 2.95 (W) 1.18 (H) in
1.34 oz
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