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Scheduler Kit

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Details & Features

The Scheduler Kit is specially curated to give you the essentials you need to begin scheduling! The Scheduler Kit is comprised of the following items to help you get started planning out your schedule:

  • Medium Monthly Planner : One of our most popular planners; its simple layout allows you to use it in a way that most helps you.
  • Medium Round Pocket Sticker : Now you can have a pocket anywhere! Simply stick it where you want to organize your memos, stickers, photos, & more.
  • Rainbow Sticker : A adorable sticker set that’s great for decorating your planner or emphasizing important events.
  • Date Sticker Set : A colorful sticker set that you can use to date your dateless planner.
  • Shape Index Sticky Note, Dot_Mint : A cute sticky note set for your to-do lists, reminders, memos, or grocery lists.

These popular items make it super easy to start planning effectively. It’s time to start planning your way to success with the delightful Scheduler Kit! Please see the photos to learn more about this brilliant set!

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