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Diaper Bag

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Details & Features

Are you surprised that you actually have to carry a ton of baby gadgets when you are on the move with your newborn? The Diaper Bag is designed to help you organize all your baby gadgets in one place. The Diaper Bag features 6 well sized pockets on the inside along with 2 elastic holders for you to put all kinds of products you may have. The outside of the bag is water resistant so that any liquid that might be in contact with the Diaper Bag will not damage any of your baby products stored in the bag. The Diaper Bag can also withhold its own shape and does not lose balance when you place it on a surface—you do not need to worry about the bag losing its balance and all your baby gadgets falling out of the bag.

A shoulder strap is also included in the Diaper Bag so that you can turn it into a convenient messenger style Diaper Bag. Here are some dimensions of the shoulder strap:

Shoulder Strap Height: 4.5inches Shoulder Strap Length: 26.8 – 47.2 inches

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