I Love You Instax Mini Frame Set

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The I Love You Instax Mini Frame Set is a cute Instax Mini photo frame! The set consists a total of 6 I Love You frames and a box for storage. This frame set gives you the choice to make either a standing frame or a pocket frame.

Here is information on how to use the I Love You Instax Mini Frame Set:

  • Open and expand a frame.
  • Place your photo.
  • Fold each sides to fix the photo
  • Lastly, fold the up and down, and then if you slide into the first hole, it will be a standing frame. Or if you slide into the second hole, it will be the pocket frame.

You can hang them on the wall, set it on a desk as a pocket frame, or place it on the corner as a standing frame! Don’t forget to put all your photos and frame set in the paper box when you’re finished! Also the frame set is made with paper which allows you to decorate and write any messages you want. Please check out the photos to learn more!

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