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D-Day Standing Planner

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Details & Features

The D-Day Standing Planner is a very unique and colorful planner! The D-Day Standing Planner contains a total of 120 pages separated into the following sections:

  • 1 page of My Goal
  • 2 pages of Exam Schedule
  • 1 page of 10 Day’s Goal
  • 3 pages of 24 Hours Timetable (weekdays, weekends, vacation)
  • 2 pages of Timetable (term-time/vacation)
  • 1 page of Course Booklist
  • 100 pages of Daily Schedule
  • 1 page of Tip for Exam
  • 9 pages of Free Note

The D-Day Standing Planner is a dateless planner that will help you guide your 100 day plan! Put it on your desk and keep reminding yourself what you need to do or accomplish! The D-Day Standing Planner is a great planner to use for work, school or scheduling personal events! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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