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Orange Smart Cable Lock

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Details & Features

The Orange Smart Cable Lock is a very uniquely designed travel accessory. This is a must have item to secure your belongs when you are traveling. The wire in the Orange Smart Cable lock can extend up to 43 inches.

How to use the Orange Smart Cable Lock

  1. Push the button on the lower left side and pull the wire
  2. Adjust the wire length as desired then push the wire to the hole on the other side to lock.
  3. Make sure you turn lock wheels to other numbers so your password won’t expose.
  4. When you want to unlock, turn lock wheels to find your password then push the button on the upper left side to pull the wire from lock state mode.

How to Change the Password on the Orange Smart Cable Lock

  1. Password is set to 000 by default
  2. Push wire tip, then change to desired password.
  3. Pull wire tip
  4. That’s it! Please double check that your password has been changed correctly!

Please check out the photos to learn more!

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