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Travel Memory Notebook

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Details & Features

The Travel Memory Notebook is a very beautiful and uniquely designed notebook. This notebook is specifically designed for you to record your memories on your trip. The Travel Memory Notebook comes with 2 notebooks for you to use! Each notebook can cover up to 7 days of your trip (64 pages), a total of 14 days (128 pages) are available when both planners are used. The cover design of one planner features a very beautifully designed cover and another one that is of solid color. Both notebooks have unique sections to help organize all your travel locations, memories, events, as well as tracking expenditures! These sections are:

  • Map Overview (2 pages) to note where you will be heading!
  • Check List (2 pages) to remember what to bring before the trip along with what to do during the trip.
  • Shopping List (2 pages) for important purchases for friends, family, and most importantly for yourself!
  • Lined Notes (8 pages) for any kinds of usage ranging from describing your trip to jotting down all your expectations!
  • Month Plan (2 pages) allows you to plan out your schedule from a high-level monthly overview
  • Daily Plan (7 days, 6 pages for each day, total of 42 pages)
    • Each day has a unique daily Drawing Map where you can draw out the path to the locations you visited!
    • The remaining 5 pages have different page formats ranging from lined to grid pages. There is also one page where you can log and track your expenditures for the day too!
  • Review (4 pages) is the section where you can summarize your trip!
  • Personal Information (1 page) just in case you lose your planner!

In addition to the planner, 2 sheets of stickers are included as a bonus for decorating your contents. A PVC cover with a pen holder is also included to protect your planner too! Please check out the photos to learn more!

The passport case that is used in the photograph is the Travel Pouch v4.

Additional Details

Style Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Materials
Blue Violet 4.29 x 5.91 in 6 oz Paper, PVC
Green 4.29 x 5.91 in 6 oz Paper, PVC
Red 4.29 x 5.91 in 6 oz Paper, PVC
Yellow 4.29 x 5.91 in 6 oz Paper, PVC

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