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The Large Scheduler Kit contains our most popular products from our original Scheduler Kit! The Large Scheduler Kit is designed to give you even more space to plan out your year with! The Large Scheduler Kit contains the following products to help you start planning:

  • Large Monthly Planner : One of our most popular planners; its simple layout allows you to use it in a way that most helps you.
  • Large Round Pocket Sticker : The perfectly shaped, perfectly sized pocket sticker for all your must-have planner accessories!
  • Rainbow Sticker : A adorable sticker set that’s great for decorating your planner or emphasizing important events.
  • Date Sticker Set : A colorful sticker set that you can use to date your dateless planner.
  • Shape Index Sticky Note, Dot_Mint : A cute sticky note set for your to-do lists, reminders, memos, or grocery lists.

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