Nuevo Mini Office Leather Backpack

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Details & Features

The Nuevo Mini Office Leather Backpack is a very cute and well made backpack! The Nuevo Mini Office Leather Backpack is the smaller version of Monopoly Leather Backpack. It is coated with PU on the outside which makes the backpack water resistant. It contains 1 front zippered comportment with tassel, 2 open side pockets and 1 main compartment.

The front zippered compartment and 2 side pockets can store your most frequently used items such as your phone, transportation pass, wallet, mini umbrella, earphones and more! The front zippered pocket can even hold your iPad Mini. The main compartment contains 1 zippered pocket on one side and 1 open pocket on the opposite side. The open pocket can be used to store your tablets such as iPad and Kindle, Macbook Air 11 inches, notebooks and more!

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A small version of the backpack is also available! Please check out the Nuevo Cute Office Leather Backpack!

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