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Daily Purse Organizer

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Details & Features

The Daily Purse Organizer is a beautifully and wonderfully designed purse organizer. The Daily Purse Organizer is designed with more and varied style pockets to fit in more all kinds of items compared to other purse organizers. In the front of the Daily Purse Organizer features 5 different sized pockets, these are, one A4 sized pocket to help you fit A4 size papers, 2 card pockets, and 3 pockets made of fluff (very soft) material on the inside to protect sensitive items like your camera, cellphone, iPod and so much more. As for the A4 sized pocket, a hard board is inserted specifically for that pocket so that your A4 sized paper will not become wrinkle when you move. Also, if you do not need to use the front pocket cover, you can simply insert that into the pocket to create another open pocket where you can use it to store additional items!

On the rear of the Daily Purse Organizer features two slant pockets and 2 mesh pockets. All pockets here are divided purposely for space efficiency. The pockets are also purposely slanted for better reach of items.

On the inside of the Daily Purse Organizer features one big pocket with the inside made of fluff material to protect your bigger items like your iPad, laptop, netbook and so much more! Please also note that a hardboard padding is also inserted between the pocket layering to add additional protection for your items. Another big zipper pocket is also added on the other side of the pocket you want to secure without having items that are prone to falling to fall out of the purse organizer. With the remaining area on the inside, you can also fit in even more items like magazines, files, wallet, diary, an umbrella, plan and so much more! Then use the adjustable velcro to close the Daily Purse Organizer!

Now on the side of the Daily Purse Organizer also features two pen holder pockets of assorted sizes. This way you can reach for a writing utensil when you truly need one.

The Daily Purse Organizer also features a handle on the top to make it much more convenient when you want to move the purse organizer to another bag or even use it as a standalone bag. The Daily Purse Organizer is made of waterproof material to keep your purse organizer clear of any spills as well as easily washable just by using water when it gets dirty! To clean the Daily Purse Organizer, please use a damp cloth to wipe the bug and it is okay to use a little detergent on the cloth to wash it.

Phew, so many features in one purse organizer! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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