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The Pattern Ardium Study Planner is a beautiful and well made planner. The Pattern Ardium Study Planner is a dateless planner where you can easily set up the dates yourself and begin your planner at any time in the year! The Pattern Ardium Study Planner contains a total of 192 pages divided into the following sections:
  • 1 page of Intro
  • 1 page of Long-term plan
  • 1 page of Bucket list
  • 2 pages of Half year plan
  • 2 pages of How to use
  • 1 page of Timetable
  • 6 pages of Famous sayings
  • 12 pages of Monthly plan (6 months)
  • 120 pages of Weekly plan
  • 6 pages of Monthly report
  • 2 pages of Exam timetable
  • 2 pages of Exam plan
  • 2 pages of Exam score
  • 7 pages of Plan for Test
  • 1 page of Test score board
  • 1 page of Test score graph
  • 4 pages of Checklist
  • 10 pages of Lined notes
  • 10 pages of Plain notes
  • 1 page of Personal information

Each purchase comes with the Weekly Plan bookmark and the Daily Plan bookmark so you can mark your pages! The Pattern Ardium Study Planner also contains an open pocket page in the rear to hold your memo, sticky note, stickers, photos and more! The Pattern Ardium Study Planner is a great planner to use for school or project planning! Please check out the photos to learn more!

Note: The Pattern Ardium Study Planner now has a full English translation guide to help you make the most of your study plans! View and download the English version here !

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