Purple Cat Wall Stickers


The Purple Cat Wall Stickers is a unique and beautifully designed set of stickers that you can use to decorate with! Each purchase includes 5 cats and 11 kitty paw stickers. The biggest sized sticker is approximately 10×12.4 inches. Please check out the photos to learn more!

Here are instructions on how to apply Purple Cat Wall Stickers

  1. Please clean the surface(s) you want to attach the stickers to.
  2. Before attaching the sticker, please try to position the sticker to the surface to get an idea of the actual positioning you want.
  3. Once positioned, simply peel off the removable sticker in the rear and place the sticker on the surface!

You can remove the sticker if needed but please not that the adhesive is not reusable after it has been used the first time.

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9.96 (L) x 12.44 (W) in
3.56 oz
FasCal Adhesive
Shipping From
MochiThings Seattle Facility