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Pochi Scheduler & Pouch Set

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Details & Features

The Pochi Scheduler & Pouch Set is a very well made and uniquely designed scheduler with a waterproof pouch included. The Pochi Scheduler & Pouch Set features a clear PVC cover with a cover pocket located in the front and the rear of the scheduler for additional storage space. The Pochi Scheduler is a dateless planner allowing you to write dates in by yourself to give you as much planning freedom as possible. The Pochi Scheduler features a Monthly Plan section containing up to 13 months with 2 pages for each month totaling 26 pages. In addition the Pochi Scheduler features a Weekly Plan section totaling up to 130 pages in the Weekly Plan section. The Pochi Scheduler also features 4 pages worth of very cute and beautiful Pochi illustrations. Not only that, the Pochi Scheduler contains 14 pages in the Note section with an additional page for personal note taking. Altogether there are 176 pages in the Pochi Scheduler! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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