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Multi Purpose Pebble

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Details & Features

The Multi Purpose Pebble is one of the most unique product we have in our inventory. There are just so many use cases for the Pebble that we can’t describe every one of them. You can use this Multi Purpose Pebble to:

  • Cool down your laptop by lifting it above the table
  • Use it to lift your phone
  • Use it as a wrist supporter
  • Use it to lift your glasses
  • You can even use 3 Pebbles to support hot pots and pans.
  • and so much more.

You can also be creative and stack multiple pebbles together to unlock all kinds of other use cases.

These pebbles are made of platinum silicone and is safe to use in temperatures of -76F to 500F. You can even use this to make ice or freeze chocolate, hold up pots and pans above the table and so much more. These Pebbles are non-slippery and heat resistant.

Each set comes with two pebbles in different colors. Check out our styles to see all the colors!

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