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Travel Bag Set (23pcs)

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Details & Features

The Travel Bag Set (23pcs) is a very useful and unique set of bags. The Travel Bag Set is perfect when you are traveling and want to stay organize with high quality bags instead of using regular plastic bags. A Travel Bag is made with sturdy material to protect your belongings while you are traveling.

Each purchase comes with 14 pieces of Travel Bags in assorted sizes:

  • XXL Clothes (2pcs)- 15.7×19.7 in.: Jackets, Jeans, Sweaters, Blanket, etc
  • XL Shoes (5pcs – opaque (2pcs), transparent (3pcs)) – 9.4×15.7 in. : Shoes, Towels, Hat, Swimming Suit, Mufflers, Pajamas, etc.
  • Long Underwear (4pcs – opaque (2pcs), transparent (2pcs) )- 7.1×13 in.: Underwear, Flat Shoes, Slippers, Umbrellas, Hair Dryers, etc.
  • Large Toiletries (4pcs – opaque (2pcs), transparent (2pcs)) – 6×9.8 in: Small electronics, Cosmetics, etc.
  • Small Cosmetic (4pcs) – 4.3×6.5 in.: ticket, receipts, cosmetics, photos, etc.
  • XS jewelry (4pcs) – 2.8×3.9 in.: accessories, jewelries, batteries, emergency drugs, etc.

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