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Simple Purse Organizer

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Details & Features

The Simple Purse Organizer features 13 pockets to help you organize your purse. 4 pockets are located in the front. 2 of the front pockets are mesh pockets. In addition to the inside pocket, there are 5 other pockets attached making it a total of 6 usable pockets inside the Simple Purse Organizer. There are also 3 pockets in the rear giving you even more room to organize your purse! A handle is attached to the Simple Purse Organizer allowing you to easily lift the Simple Purse Organizer to another purse. A button is also attached to this organizer allowing you to close and hide items that are inside the organizer. With all these features… it’s not so simple after all!

Please note that our version of the Simple Purse Organizer is manufactured and imported directly from South Korea. Please be aware of imitation products that are out there in the market today.

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