Cellphone Screen Cleaner v4


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The Cellphone Screen Cleaner v4 is a very unique and beautifully designed screen cleaner. You can safely attach the screen cleaner to the rear of your devices or even your mirror, makeup powder, or any of your items. However, the Cellphone Screen Cleaner v4 does not attach to materials like canvas or a silicone surface. To clean the screen, simply detach the cleaner from your item and wipe your screen with the front of the cleaner. Once the Cellphone Screen Cleaner v4 gets dirty, you can wash it with water and soap and let it dry, then you can reuse it! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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1.18 (L) x 1.57 (W) in
0.07 oz
PU, Microfiber
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MochiThings Seattle Facility

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